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5 October 2020 - 8 October 2020
Turin, Italy
TORINO FASHIONMATCH 2020 _Virtual Edition

Torino FashionMatch 2019 

registered clients

35_ countries involved
EEN partners involved as coorganizers
300_ meetings realized
companies from South Africa
10_ International Buyers
international speakers
4_ Workshops sessions
5_Italian partnerships signed
international partnerships reached

In October 2019, the Format  FashionMatch has been awarded by the European Commission and by EASME (Executive Agency for  small and medium enterprises - European Commission) as Best Practice  2019 among EEN Sector Groups, during the EEN Annual Conference 2019, in Helsinki, with the action:

Fashion Match: the next generation of brokerage events
The Sector Group Best Practice Prize 2019 recognises the most efficient, innovative and transferable initiatives implemented by Sector Groups.
It was delivered to the Sector Group Textile and Fashion.

See more:
 FashionMatch_ the next generation of brokerage events.pdf


  1. EEN STAFF: It was my pleasure meeting you in Torino Fashion Match. Thank you for a very well organized B2Bs and a wonderful venue and atmosphere. The Lithuanians were very satisfied with the business meetings they had. And I really hope there will be some collaboration established and PA’s registered.
    I personally really enjoyed Torino FashionMatch and catwalks, and Torino city, and sightseeing Piemonte region after, and I am looking forward to participating/attending similar events in textile/fashion industry in future.

  2. BUYER: Hello, thanks for the good time. It was a perfect organization.
  3. SPEAKER: I just came back to Canada and would like to personally thank you for the B2B & Fashion catwalk invitation! It was a total success and I hope designers and entrepreneurs enjoyed my workshop as well. I’ve met interesting people as well for my business! Again congratulation !
  4. COMPANY (Egypt)Thank you again for this great event! It was lovely to meet you in Torino!
    I am now back in Cairo, and look forward to planning for next year's fashion week event!
    I have filled out the feedback form and sent it through.  Please keep me updated on possible future events.
  5. COMPANY (India): I found it an extraordinary opportunity and a very interesting and rich experience. In my opinion, the event was very well organized, informal and professional, allowing her to gain insight into the Italian market and learn about the opportunities for brands.

Torino Fashion Match 2018:

220_registered clients
32_countries involved:

Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, China, Croatia, Denmark, Egypt, Finland, France, Germany, India, Ireland, Italy, Jordan, Latvia, Lithuania, Malaysia, Malta, Netherlands, Saudi Arabia, Serbia, Singapore, Slovakia, South Africa, South Korea, Spain, Tanzania, Tunisia, Turkey, United Kingdom, USA

30_EEN partners involved
276_ meetings 
247_transnational meetings 
_ companies from South Africa
4_companies from Middle East
_companies from USA
8 _international Buyers
_ Success Stories promoted by the European Commission

B2B 2018: https://torino-fashionmatch-20...

Torino Fashion Match 2017:

166_ registrations received
28_ countries involved:

Argentina_ Australia_ Barhain_ Belgium_ Bulgaria_ Canada_ China_Czech Republic_ France_ Hungary_Indonesia_ Italy_ Lebanon_ Malaysia_ Netherlands_Norway_ Oman_ Pakistan_ South Africa_ Sweden_ Switzerland_ Tanzania_ Tunisia_ Turkey_ United_Arab Emirates_ Usa

25_ EEN partner involved as coorganizers
384_meetings realized
299_ international meetings
20_ companies from Islamic Fashion and Design Council
5_ international relationships_ Dubai_ Beverly Hills_ Paris_ China_ South Africa

Torino Fashion Match 2016:

_ countries involved
_EEN partners inovolved
_ meetings realized
_international meetings


Closed since 7 October 2020


10100 Turin, Italy

Organised by


Participants 476
Meetings 545


Argentina 1
Austria 1
Bangladesh 1
Belgium 5
Bosnia And Herzegovina 4
Bulgaria 18
Canada 1
Croatia 4
Czech Republic 5
Denmark 2
Estonia 1
Finland 5
France 11
Germany 7
Greece 25
Hungary 5
India 2
Ireland 10
Israel 6
Italy 121
Latvia 4
Lithuania 38
North Macedonia 5
Malta 1
Mexico 1
Netherlands 11
Nigeria 15
Poland 22
Portugal 2
Romania 6
Serbia 9
Slovakia 9
South Africa 6
Spain 16
Sweden 12
Switzerland 9
Taiwan 1
Tunisia 9
Turkey 39
Ukraine 47
United Kingdom 13
United States 7
Viet Nam 1
Total 518


Manufacturer 153
Fashion Designer 72
Brand/Label 117
Branch Organization 2
Store/Distributor/Wholesaler/Buyer 33
Association/Agency 20
Service Provider 14
R&D Institution 3
Authority/Government 6
University 9
Consulting 16
PR Agency 3
Start up 23
Freelance 11
Other 25
E-commerce Platform 10
Total 517

Profile views

Before event 37912
After event 1573
Total 39485